Gee Bee's Plumbing can install and maintain sprinkler systems and drip irrigation.

If you have issues with your irrigation, need new pipes installed, or have a leak in a old system we can help you trace the source or mark out a new area to cover.


Sprinkler system installations with your choice of manual or automatic operation. Installing timers to have effortless irrigation to your garden or plot of land.


Drip line irrigation can be laid above or below the soil surface and with varing diameters, water pressure being a factor in this choice. Suiting all plant types we can deliver a system to keep your garden green all year round.


A leader in water pumps and pressure systems the Davey Pump is used to assist in the control of water flow from main to water tank. As an approved supplier of Davey Pumps we offer full installation and service requirements.

Various pumps can be used in many applications from grey water pumping to irrigation pumps which can improve water pressure.