Water Tanks & Davey Pumps

Rainwater tanks to tank cleaning we cover it all..

 Rural water tanks are available in a wide range of sizes from 1,000 to 320,000 litres. This means you can choose a water tank that is ideally suited to your needs as domestic residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial water tank.

We are now agents for Tankworks Australia.


A leader in water pumps and pressure systems the Davey Pump is used to assist in the control of water flow from main to water tank.

Various pumps can be used in many applications from grey water pumping to septic effluent disposal. Household supply and irrigation pumps which can improve water pressure.

For commercial purposes factory waste, washing systems.

We offer a full water, filtration and conditioning solution.


We supply and install food grade poly liners, custom made to suit concrete, plastic or steel tanks.


Carefully prepared cleaning and servicing of existing tanks, sacrificial anode supply and replacement. Filtration of potable water.