Skylights & Solartubes

Skylights not only give a room more light but can be a generator of extra heat.

Solatubes come in varied sizes and delivers natural light and warmth to the smallest to largest of rooms.


Solartubes can be used to soften your light source given great light without a window, and during the midday heat keeping the lightsource pure but without the heat intensity. We are accredited sales and installation for the sunraysia area.

We do not supply cheap imitations that can result in poor light transmission due to the dome having too flat a profile; or the dome not acting as a lens to collect and transmit solar power, or the dome material clouding due to UV exposure. So you can be assured that the installation will reduce your carbon footprint without loss of light.


If you like a view then a skylight is the way to go. Skylights are fitted into your roof, allowing light to travel through and into the interior of a building. They are perfect for flooding a darkened space with daylight or allowing fresh air to circulate around an otherwise stale atmosphere. It’s a great environmentally friendly solution for brightening your home, saving you money on your electricity bills, and getting the most out of hard to use spaces.